About. Dmitry Shad

I’m Dmitry Shad (real name — Dmitry Polkanov). I graduated from the medical academy and worked as a doctor for a long time. Over the years I tried to find myself in different areas — playing electric guitar in my death metal band, keeping exotic animals, doing motorcycle racing, but as a result I found myself in photography. I have received over 60 international awards for my art and my photographs have been exhibited in many countries. 

Everyone lives with their demons. People are afraid to meet them, avoid them… But I want to show their dark beauty. I personify my demons and bring them into the physical world through photography. I paint the skin of models and turn them into creatures from the world of my consciousness. The world where the sun is black and only gives life to shadows. I show their perfect body lines, their inhuman gracefulness… And the black void behind their eyes.