About. Dmitry Shad

My real name is Dmitry Polkanov, I am a professional photographer, my genre a conceptual portrait — I create gloomy images of demons and ghosts.

I graduated from the medical academy. My main speciality is functional diagnostics. I am also involved in clinical research. In recent years, as a principal investigator.

While working as a doctor, I have had time to try my hand in different fields. I have kept exotic animals (crocodile, snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc), played electric guitar in my death metal band, owned a tattoo studio, and took up motorcycle racing.

I’ve been involved in photography for about 10 years. But in the beginning it was just a hobby. In 2017 I was seriously injured on a race track, after which I decided to give up all my hobbies except photography. In 2018-2019 I trained with various photographers and retouchers and started shooting professionally.

So far I have won 67 international awards (WPE Awards, The International Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, Annual Photography Awards, ND Awards, 35 Awards and many more). My photographs have been exhibited in 27 countries.

All the shooting I do in my home studio. I use Hasselblad and Sony cameras. I prepare the sketches, paint the model’s skin, sometimes I glue horns or spikes. Shooting usually takes 7 to 11 hours. Then it takes another few weeks or months to process the photos.

Everyone lives with their demons. People are afraid to meet them, avoid them… But I want to show their dark beauty.